The hashtag #ChildrenVnePolitiki was launched on the Internet

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The hashtag #ChildrenVnePolitiki was launched on the Internet to ensure the safety of minors in connection with calls for unauthorized actions on Saturday, January 23rd.

It is noted that by taking part in unauthorized rallies and actions, children expose themselves to the danger of being involved in riots, offenses and crimes. Minors can be traumatized by people in crowds.

Moreover, such actions are illegal. For participation in them, a fine from 10 to 20 thousand rubles is provided, or compulsory work for a period of 100 hours, or arrest for up to 15 days.

Parents will have to answer for the actions of minors under Art. 5.35 h. 1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation for failure to fulfill responsibilities for the maintenance and upbringing of children.

Children are reminded to be critical of the information coming from political leaders, to react wary to calls for aggression and participation in pickets. They are encouraged to try themselves in sports, volunteering, and develop their creative potential. The availability of comprehensive information will help protect against fraudsters and false reality.

On January 20, there was a massive spread of calls to participate in rallies on social networks. Moreover, the addressees of the distribution were minors, with an emphasis on children aged 12-14 years.

On the same day, the RKN demanded that the TikTok social network remove and stop distributing videos calling for minors to participate in illegal actions on 23 January. The department also demanded from the VKontakte management to prevent the involvement of minors in participation in unauthorized rallies. Violation of social networks faces a fine.

It is noted that the massiveness of calls is formed, among other things, due to a large number of bots, cheats, the use of fake videos and dummies. In particular, the spread of appeals on behalf of allegedly police officers who “go over to the side of blogger Alexei Navalny” was recorded. As the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia found out, these videos are fake and staged. The ministry stressed on its Instagram that the persons involved in the filming are not currently serving in the internal affairs bodies.

The information being introduced that “there will be nothing for participation in the rallies”, or it will be possible to receive money from the ECHR or “not serve in the army if a criminal record is received” is also fake.

The Russian Interior Ministry reminded citizens that they will be held administratively liable for calls to participate in unsanctioned rallies. Police officers prepare to police the January 23 rally.

The Prosecutor General’s Office demanded to restrict access to websites that publish calls for teenagers to take part in illegal actions on the coming Saturday.

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