The Governor of St. Petersburg approved the amount of payments for Victory Day

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Alexander Beglov signed a decree establishing a lump sum payment to certain categories of citizens of St. Petersburg in 2021. The resolution approved who and how much will receive by the 76th anniversary of the Victory.

In 2021, payments from the budget will receive:

  • People with disabilities and participants in the Second World War – 10 thousand rubles each;
  • WWII veterans (including those from St. Petersburg who were awarded the sign “Resident of the besieged Leningrad” and workers in the home front) – 7 thousand rubles each;
  • Former underage prisoners of Nazi concentration camps – 7 thousand rubles each;
  • War veterans from among the participants in the clearance of objects and combat trawling – 7 thousand rubles each;
  • Persons who lived (were born) in Leningrad during the blockade – 7 thousand rubles each;
  • Widows (widowers) of servicemen who died during the war with Finland, the Great Patriotic War, the war with Japan – 4 thousand rubles each;
  • Widows (widowers) of deceased invalids and participants of the Second World War – 4 thousand rubles each;
  • Citizens born before 09/03/1945 (children of war) – 3 thousand rubles each.

According to the press service of Smolny, a single payment for Victory Day will be made in May. Money for payments will be allocated from the reserve fund of the government of St. Petersburg. In total, according to the city administration, about 312 thousand residents of St. Petersburg should receive the money.