The full schedule of celebrations of the Smolensk State Museum-Reserve has become known

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The Smolensk State Museum-Reserve has prepared a large cultural, entertainment and educational program dedicated to the Spring and Labor Day and Victory Day for Smolensk residents and guests of the city.

The main venues for the events will be the Smolensk Region during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, the Historical Museum and the Art Gallery.

Festive events are organized in accordance with prescribed anti-sag restrictions.

The 1 of May from 10:00 to 16:00 in the halls of the museum “Smolensk region during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.” for adults and children there will be a quiz and competition “100 questions about the museum”.

Sightseeing tours will take place here daily until May 3 (at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00).

May 8 at 12:00 in the museum there will be a theatrical program “Dance Floor of the 1940s” with a story about popular songs and dances of the Great Patriotic War period.

9th May from 10:00 to 19:00, guests will be able to get acquainted with the main exposition of the museum, the work of the “Electronic Archive of Memory” and watch live broadcast of the Victory Parade and the “Immortal Regiment”, as well as documentaries “Battle for Berlin”, “Victory Parade” … Here anyone will receive advice on military history. Free access to military equipment will be open throughout the day on the territory of the museum.

At the Art Gallery The 1 of May at 14:00 and 16:00 there will be sightseeing tours timed to coincide with the 101st anniversary of the institution.

9th May at 16:00 a lecture and excursion program “How it was …” will begin here, which will be dedicated to the salvation of cultural values ​​during the Second World War.

Until May 10, inclusive, the gallery will be able to visit the exhibition of Russian graphics from the collection of the Smolensk Museum-Reserve “From Shishkin to Kandinsky.”

The 1 of May at 11:00 in the Historical Museum there will be a lecture “The History of May Day” dedicated to the holiday of Spring and Labor, and at 14:00 the event “Do you know what kind of guy he was?” will start here, which is timed to the 60th anniversary of Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin’s flight to space.

May 1, 5, 9 at 12:00 in the museum there will be excursions around the exhibition of the Museum of Cosmonautics of the city of Moscow “Profession – cosmonaut”.

9th May at 11:00 and 14:00 a thematic excursion “War Glory of Smolensk” will begin, which will be dedicated to Victory Day.

On holidays, museums of the Smolensk region will also open their doors, preparing thematic expositions, excursions and programs.

May 2-10 in the House-Museum of Mikhail Alekseevich Egorov (in Rudna), at the request of visitors, there will be thematic excursions to Victory Day: “The Life and Feat of Egorov”, “Egorov and Kantaria – Banners of Victory”.

May 2 and 9 a Sunday cinema hall will open here, where documentaries and feature films about the Second World War will be shown.

5 May at 12:00 in the museum will begin the event “There was a command: Take the Reichstag!”, which will be timed to coincide with the 98th anniversary of the birth of Hero of the Soviet Union Yegorov. On the same day, a Lesson of Courage “The Banner of Victory” will take place, and a photo exhibition “By the Roads of Katyusha” will also be prepared for the guests.

May 2 and 9 at 12:00 in the House-Museum of Przhevalsky (the village of Przhevalskoe in the Demidov district) there will also be a Sunday cinema with screening of documentaries and feature films about Przhevalsky: “Nikolai Przhevalsky. A lifelong expedition ”,“ Manors of the Greats. Goodbye, Sloboda. “

9th May at 15.00 – thematic excursions “He served the Fatherland”, “Przhevalsky and his students.”

May 2 and 9 the Museum of Partisan Glory (the village of Przhevalskoe in the Demidov District) will also turn into a cinema. Feature films about the Second World War will be shown: “Partisans”, “Smolensk: Invasion. An occupation. Liberation “,” Battle of Smolensk 1941 ” and “Ordinary Fascism”.

May 7 at 13:00 the museum staff will conduct a thematic excursion “1943 – the year of the liberation of the Demidov land”.

12 May at 13:30 – excursion “Young partisan of the formation” Batya “Hero of the Soviet Union Kurylenko”.

May 7 at 11:00 in the Glinka Museum-Estate the festive program “Songs of War and Victory” will begin. There will be an exhibition about the history of the Glinka Music Festival “About the past for the future”.

May 7-9 the workers of the Museum-Estate of Alexander Trifonovich Tvardovsky (in the Zagorye farm in the Pochinkovsky district) will conduct a thematic excursion for the Victory Day “I will bequeath your life to you …” Alexander Tvardovsky in the war and about the war ”and the literary event“ Vasily Tyorkin – Russian “miracle man”. All these days there will be a photo exhibition “Tvardovsky’s military roads” I went to my attack … “.

You can find out detailed information about all events by calling:

– (4812) 38-31-19

– 38-32-65

– or on the official website of the Smolensk State Museum-Reserve