The French Creole starter guide

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Ou vle aprann kreyòl France? 

Surely you want!

Well, for those who didn’t understand the phrase, “Do you want to learn French Creole?”

French Creole is a worldwide popular language used by many, including the Haitians, Louisianans,Antilles, etc. The language is easy, interesting, clear, and phonetic. 

If you want to know more about French Creole, let’s start reading without wasting any more time. 

What is French Creole? 

In general, Creole means a mixture of two different languages of two different origins. The term Creole gets used to indicate the special language used by many people all over the world. In this blend of two languages, the first usually comes from European origins, such as French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. The second language mixed with the original ones is mostly the native African language, used by African slaves back in the early 17th century. 

French Creole belongs to one Creole, highly used by Haitians, Floridians, and people from other states. There are so many Creole languages under French Creole. All of these belong to different countries, different groups of people, and different origins. Let’s have a look at few famous French Creole languages. 

  1. Haitian Creole: The official language of Haiti, used by over twelve million people from all over the U.S., including South Florida, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington D.C., Detroit, etc.
  2. Antillean Creole: This French-based Creole language gets adopted in the Lesser Antilles. This language states lots of similarities with the Haitian Creole language. It is a blend of French, African, and Carib. 
  3. Louisiana Creole: It is another French-based Creole language, especially used in Louisiana and its neighborhood. Less than ten thousand people speak this Creole. 
  4. Mauritian Creole: Mauritian Creole, widely known as Morisyen, is another French-based Creole, mostly used in Mauritius. This Creole comprises languages like French, English, African, Asian, etc. 
  5. Seychellois Creole: Seychellois Creole, also known as Kreol, is a French-based Creole mostly spoken by people of Seychelles. This Creole combines languages such as French and English.  

How to startlearning French Creole? 

Most people do not consider learning French Creole while discovering new languages.  But, in reality, French Creole is an easy, fun, and exciting language. If you know English and French, learning French Creole does not needmuch pressure. You can learn any French Creole within two months. 

Being originated from the French origin, all French Creoles are connected with the language. For instance: 

French: Bonjour (Hello) 

Haitian Creole: Bonjou (Hello) 

Mauritian Creole: Bonzur (Hello) 

Antillean Creole: Bonzu (Hello) 

In addition, French Creoles are phonetic languages. That means the spellings of the words depend on their sound, and the sounds depend on the spellings. For example: 

French: Vous êtes de qual pays? (Where are you from?) 

Haitian Creole: Ki kote ou soti?(Where are you from?)

You don’t need to roll your tongue while spelling the words. You can Learn Haitian Creole online to understand the spelling and grammar of the language more precisely. 

However, there are few similarities between all French Creoles, yet they are different from one another. For instance, Bonjour (French) is spoken as Bonjou, Bonzur, and Bonzu in other French Creoles. Similarly, let’s have a look at some other similar French Creoles. 

Haitian Creole: Kijan ou rele?(What is your name?)

Mauritian Creole: Kuna ou apéle?(What is your name?)

Seychelles Creole: Ki manner ou apele? (What is your name?)

If you have basic French knowledge, learning French Creole will be easier for you. The grammar, vocabulary, and spellings of French Creoles are pretty synonymous with their origin. So, if you know French, make it stronger, and learn French Creoles easily.  

If you want to know and learn more about the French Creole languages, you must visit a good coaching center. But, in case you want to get hassle-free, join an online class and Learn Haitian Creole online at from today. 


It, in short, was a starter guide of learning French Creole. If you give it time, French Creoles are probably the easiest language you will learn in your life. Additionally, the languages share lots of resemblances between themselves. So, learning one is equal to learning the base of almost all other French Creoles.