The Foreign Ministry declared its readiness to cooperate with Washington in the field of anti-terrorism

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Moscow is ready for a dialogue with Washington on counterterrorism, but so far communication between the relevant departments of Russia and the United States has been minimized due to sanctions from the American side. This was announced on April 22 by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Oleg Syromolotov.

Syromolotov noted that direct communication between the law enforcement agencies of the United States and the Russian Federation is now reduced to a minimum, and all Moscow’s proposals run up against Washington’s reluctance to “conduct a professional conversation with us on the basis of equality and mutual consideration of interests.”

“As a result, the work of the counterterrorism group has been suspended, our initiative to create a working group on cybersecurity has been ignored, instead of using the 1999 bilateral Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Cases, American law enforcement agencies continue to arrest and even outright abduct Russian citizens in third countries, etc. d “, – quotes the words of the Deputy Foreign Minister” RIA Novosti “.

The sanctions, as Syromolotov noted, do not add optimism, while Russia is ready to conduct a dialogue through law enforcement agencies.

Earlier, on April 15, US President Joe Biden signed a decree on the introduction of new sanctions against Moscow. The restrictions affected 32 legal entities and individuals from Russia. Also in the United States announced the expulsion of 10 employees of the Russian diplomatic mission in Washington.

Moscow, in turn, introduced countermeasures in response to new US anti-Russian sanctions, including announcing the expulsion of 10 American diplomats.