The forecaster spoke about the weather in early March in the European part of Russia

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Unstable weather is expected in the center of the European part of Russia in the first week of March. Meteorologist, leading specialist of the Phobos center Mikhail Leus told about this on the air of the Komsomolskaya Pravda radio on Sunday, February 28.

“The region will fall under the influence of warm sectors of cyclones, and we will see rather cloudy weather with noticeable thaws and light precipitation in the form of sleet and light rain, then centers of increased atmospheric pressure filled with colder air will wedge between these cyclones. And you and I will receive short-term snow and heavy ice. And slight frosts, ”Leus said.

March 2, according to forecasts, will be the warmest day of the coming week. The temperature will reach plus 5 degrees.

“Such dramatically changing weather awaits us in the first week of the season,” added the meteorologist.

Earlier on Sunday, Tatyana Pozdnyakova, chief specialist of the Moscow and Moscow region meteorological office, announced that the slush would remain in Moscow until April.

Earlier it was reported that the night of February 27 in Moscow became the warmest in the winter. The temperature in the city was 2.2 degrees with a plus sign.