The Federation Council proposed to index pensions of a new category of citizens

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The heads of the councils of apartment buildings were proposed to be exempted from paying insurance contributions to social funds. Ilya Nozhechkin, Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Young Legislators under the Federation Council, has come up with a corresponding initiative, Parlamentskaya Gazeta reports on Wednesday, March 24.

It is noted that many elders at home are pensioners, and contributions to the social insurance fund actually translates them into the category of working pensioners who are not entitled to indexation of pensions, writes NSN. This problem, as the newspaper notes, will help fill the proposed innovation.

According to the first deputy head of the budget committee of the Federation Council, Sergei Ryabukhin, the initiative deserves attention and support, writes RT. He stressed the need to hold a “round table” on this topic and formalize the idea into a bill. The senator also drew attention to the fact that some management companies pay their elders “salaries in envelopes”, writes the Federal News Agency. According to him, this applies not only to senior citizens, but also to those who have not reached retirement age.

Ryabukhin called such a salary illegal and noted that such payments need to be legalized in order for everything to be legal. Meanwhile, he stressed, “it is necessary that payments to social funds should not be collected from this amount.”

The senator also expressed the opinion that the proposed innovation will lead to insignificant losses of the consolidated budget, but “the indirect effect of maintaining the housing stock and putting things in order will be large.” He added that it is important to encourage enthusiasts who are willing to invest in home improvement.

On March 10, it was reported that in Russia from April 1, social pensions will be indexed by 3.4%. As a result of the indexation, the average payment amount will be 10,183 rubles.

It is noted that about 12.8 billion rubles will be allocated from the federal budget for indexation by the end of this year. Indexation will affect 3.9 million citizens. We are talking about recipients of social pensions and state pensions.