The Federation Council commented on the US strike on Syria

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A US air strike on Syria could escalate the situation across the region. This was announced on Friday, February 26, by the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee on international affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov.

According to the parliamentarian, such steps can lead to a serious conflict.

“Syria possesses modern weapons, including S-300 installations, and the Americans must be extremely careful with such actions,” RIA Novosti quotes Dzhabarov.

The senator clarified that at the moment the details of what happened have not been fully established, so now it is possible to make only a preliminary analysis of the situation. He noted that the US actions “look very dangerous.”

In addition, Jabarov recalled that the strike was aimed at the targets of the Iranian-backed militia.

“But these are not terrorists, they are militias, and there is no reason for bombing here. One gets the impression that the United States is not interested in fighting terrorists in Syria, but in inciting this conflict there so that it smolders there continuously, ”the parliamentarian admitted.

The day before, Reuters reported that the United States had launched an airstrike on a facility in Syria that may belong to the Iranian military. Later, the information about the strike was confirmed by the American defense department.

Several people were killed in the airstrike, The Washington Post reported. According to the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, the blow was dealt to the Shiite group, which previously made sorties in Iraq, including against US interests.

Earlier in February, the area of ​​Erbil airport in Iraqi Kurdistan, where the military base used by the US military is located, also came under rocket fire. The strike killed a civilian and injured a US soldier and several American specialists.

On February 16, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the US reserves the right to respond to a rocket attack in Iraqi Erbil, which took place in close proximity to a US military base.

On February 22, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that the US had no intention of escalating with Iran over the situation in Iraq.