The expert spoke about the support of Ukraine by the West in the war with Russia

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If Ukraine begins to fight with Russia, the West will support it, the military observer, reserve colonel Alexander Zhilin, is sure. According to him, Western hackers can launch a series of cyberattacks.

As reported by, he said that Western countries may not even send the military and risk their lives. According to him, special units have been created in the United States for this.

If the West carries out a cyberattack, then several large Russian cities could be affected, which could de-energize.

Earlier, the former head of the Luhansk regional administration, Georgy Tuka, explained why after the departure of Vladimir Putin from the post of Russian president, he would not improve relations between Russia and Ukraine. He believes that transit has begun in the Russian Federation, and in the higher echelons they are fighting over candidates for the post of the next president of the country.