The expert spoke about the methods of drying the banknotes filled with water

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The safest way to dry a wet banknote is to place it between sheets of paper or a book and place it under something heavy. With this method, the banknote will not lose its shape. Natalia Mordasova, chief specialist of the documentary operations group of VTB Bank, spoke about this.

According to her, a wet bill can be dried with a hairdryer, but in this case, there will certainly be a problem of deformation.

“You can also dry it with an iron, but this method is also fraught with the fact that you can simply” burn “money, so if you resort to using an iron, you should iron only on delicate modes”, – quotes the words of the expert on April 27, the agency “Prime” …

In November 2019, Vladimir Demidenko, Deputy Director of the Cash Circulation Department of the Bank of Russia, told what to do with damaged banknotes. According to him, in case of significant damage to banknotes, you need to contact the bank. If the bill is preserved at least 55%, then it is recognized as solvent.

Demidenko noted that the bank has no right to refuse to accept banknotes for examination. The procedure is free and, as a result, the citizen will receive a sum of money equivalent to the face value of a solvent bill.