The expert predicted the default of Ukraine due to the conflict with China

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Ukrainian political scientist and economist Alexander Dudchak commented on the situation related to the Motor Sich plant, in which the Chinese companies Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings Limited and Xinwei Group have seriously invested, and now the NSDC of Ukraine announced that the enterprise will be nationalized. After that, the Chinese delegation visited Crimea. Verkhovna Rada deputy Vadim Rabinovich called this Beijing’s answer to the decision on the plant. However, the further development of the conflict does threaten Ukraine with default.

Dudchak, speaking on the air of NSN, noted that it was a unique enterprise that mainly worked for the Russian market and felt great.

“And then they decided to sell it to the Chinese. The investments were quite serious. Now Ukraine will face penalties,” the expert explained, adding that China has reason to demand compensation.

“If China wants to withdraw its capital from Ukraine, demand payment of its debts, then we can talk about a probable default of Ukraine,” Dudchak said. He also noted that he could not even imagine how the Ukrainian authorities would get out if they lose China as a partner.