The expert named the reasons for the growth of the dollar and euro

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Inflation was the main reason that the euro and dollar rates began to rise against the ruble. This opinion was expressed on April 7 by the candidate of economic sciences Mikhail Belyaev.

“Inflation reached almost 6% at an annual level, and this influenced the weakening of the ruble inside the country, that is, the depreciation of the ruble in relation to the main goods, which we observe on the domestic market,” the Fifth Channel quotes the expert.

The expert noted that, according to experts’ forecasts, the inflation rate will decline, and the price per dollar is unlikely to exceed 76.5 rubles, but nothing can be said.

“There is also a certain role for speculators – they like to pump out the market. The Moscow Currency Exchange is not so deep and capacious, with concerted actions it is easy to influence it in the right direction. And the right direction for speculators is the widest possible fluctuations in the ruble exchange rate. They play on the exchange rate and make a profit, ”added the specialist.

Earlier that day, the chief strategist of Univer Capital, Dmitry Alexandrov, said that the main reasons for the weakening of the ruble were the aggravation of the political and informational background.

According to the expert, if there is a weakening of the ruble, it will be small. However, if new anti-Russian sanctions arise, the ruble will fall in price, but not to 100 rubles per euro. Aleksandrov also stressed that the strengthening of the national currency should be expected by summer.

On the same day, Artem Lyutik, Managing Director of Univer Capital, told Izvestia that at present it makes sense to acquire foreign currency in order to protect ruble funds, as well as receive additional passive income.