The expert named the reason for the calls from “free” lawyers

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Offers for free legal services are fraudulent in most cases. This opinion on Tuesday, April 20, was expressed by the head of the Moscow Bar Association “Knyazev and Partners” Andrey Knyazev in an interview with Sputnik radio.

According to the expert, suspicion should be caused by any persistent persuasion from the stranger, as well as proposals for “free” services.

“The intent here is to lure a person into the office and get money from him. On the spot, a young girl will tell you one amount for services you do not need, and then a gray-haired old man will come out and say that there is a special offer for you personally with a lower price. It is pleasant for people, and they buy, ”Knyazev was quoted by

At the same time, in some cases, citizens can really count on the free assistance of a lawyer. However, such services are valid only in relation to a certain category of cases, the specialist noted.

“We offer free legal aid in cases of pensions, veterans, employment of pregnant women and, naturally, in criminal cases, if a person cannot afford a lawyer. These categories of cases are strictly limited. If you are a pensioner or just an elderly person, then you should not be served free of charge in all matters, ”Knyazev explained.

The lawyer advised not to accept offers from those who impose legal services over the phone. If a citizen needs legal assistance, it is better for him to contact a company he trusts himself, the expert added.

In early April, the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow said that the reason for the growth of telephone fraud in Russia is the ineffective work of the security services of banks. According to the head office, most often banks record transactions with the direction of information to law enforcement agencies. Whereas the main task in this area is to conduct a full-fledged check aimed at identifying all the circumstances of theft.

Earlier, the deputy head of Roskachestvo, Ilya Loevsky, said that the most effective way to get rid of calls from telephone scammers is to disconnect incoming calls from unknown numbers. This, according to him, will allow avoiding unpleasant situations associated with theft of funds. However, there are a number of disadvantages, for example, the courier will not be able to reach the subscriber.