The expert named the professions under threat of imminent disappearance

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Vice-rector of the Financial University under the Russian government, Alexander Safonov, spoke in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta about professions that could disappear in the next decade.

According to him, the driver’s profession will be under threat, which is associated with the development of autopilot systems.

Safonov explained that, for example, it is possible to fully automate the metro, so human participation is not required there. The same fate, in his opinion, can await drivers of diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, trams and buses.

In this regard, the expert advised representatives of these professions to think now about what they can do in the future. He also drew attention to the changes in the number of aircraft crews.

“If earlier the crew of the aircraft consisted of 5 people – there should have been a flight mechanic, a navigator, and a co-pilot, but now it is enough to have two participants in the process who press the buttons. Everything is so automated, ”Safonov said.

The vice-rector did not rule out that thanks to computer technologies in the near future, the plane will be able to be piloted by one person.

Safonov also believes that the profession of an accountant will change greatly, but at the same time it will not completely disappear. She will acquire a more prominent role as an auditor, a tax consultant, he said. However, no computer banking program can replace an accountant.

On April 21, the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Irina Donnik announced that in the future the most valuable professions will be chemist, physicist, mathematician and biologist. According to her, there is also a shortage of IT specialists in Russia.

Earlier, on April 7, the most popular professions in the country were named in Rostrud. They remain qualified extractive industry professionals such as mining and equipment engineers, as well as machine operators and agricultural specialists.