The expert named the optimal time for daytime sleep

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To recover, a person needs only 20 minutes of sleep during the day, said Vladimir Dorokhov, head of the laboratory of sleep and wakefulness neurobiology at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology, Russian Academy of Sciences.

“If you sleep for more than 20 minutes, sleep will become deep. It takes time to get out of it completely. This is called sleep inertia. After deep sleep, recovery lasts 20 to 40 minutes. It is inconvenient in working conditions, ”the expert explained to the newspaper“ Moscow Govorit ”.

According to Dorokhov, in the case of an irregular working day, a person will benefit from an hour of sleep, and he will be able to remain vigorous until the evening.

When calculating the time of daytime sleep, it is also worth considering the time to recover. This, the scientist noted, is especially necessary for those whose work is associated with risk. Dohorov explained that it is best to rest between 13 and 15 o’clock in the afternoon, since at this time people get sleepy on their own.

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