The expert named a way to save a smartphone that fell into a snowbank

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Expert of the NAFI platform “Digital Citizen” Vladimir Gritsenko on the air of “Radio 1” told how you can save a smartphone if it fell into a snowdrift.

According to the specialist, modern smartphones are made waterproof, so moisture on the speakers and ports will not become critical.

At the same time, the expert urged to quickly get the fallen smartphone out of the snowdrift, shake off the snow and first of all check the phone for cracks. In the event that the tightness is broken, the gadget should be taken for repair. At the same time, the absence of visible damage does not guarantee the protection of the device, if it is not new and protected from moisture.

Gritsenko advised to immediately turn off the smartphone, remove the cover and try to disassemble the phone as much as possible, and then try to dry the gadget.

The expert emphasized that it is categorically impossible to turn on the phone in the network in the first hours after the emergency, as well as to use heaters and hair dryers for drying, since the internal parts will be damaged, writes NSN.

On February 19, Pavel Myasoedov, partner and director of Intellectual Reserve, spoke about ways to quickly find a stolen smartphone.