The expert has listed profitable anti-inflationary assets

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In the context of accelerating inflation, it is most profitable to buy real assets: raw materials, agricultural products, precious metals, and reduce the share of financial assets – stocks and bonds. This was announced by Maxim Achkasov, Director of the Investment Department of the Technology of the Future international investment fund.

“Investments in them (real assets. – Ed.) Are possible in the form of buying futures or exchange traded funds (ETF), which invest in commodities or futures. Investments in real estate are also interesting. At the same time, it is worth reducing financial assets (stocks, bonds and various financial instruments) “, – quotes the expert” RIA Novosti “.

The best anti-inflationary asset, as noted by Achkasov, remains gold. The expert noted that there is a direct link between gold prices and inflation rates.

“The uncontrolled printing of money in developed countries and the continuation of the long-term trend towards a weakening dollar will support the rise in gold prices in the long term,” advises Achkasov.

Achkasov advises reducing the share of bonds in favor of shares, since the former usually fall in price. According to the specialist, the most profitable strategy in the stock market is value investing in companies that pay stable dividends. Attention should be paid to the raw materials, metallurgy and banking sectors, the expert added.

Earlier, on March 25, the president of the Russian Association of the Cryptoindustry and Blockchain (RACIB) Yuri Pripachkin commented on the data on the decline in the bitcoin rate. The expert said that this decline in the value of bitcoin is temporary, and that growth will follow “in the foreseeable future”. By the fall, Pripachkin suggested, bitcoin could be close to $ 100,000.