The expert assessed the infrastructure-related measures from the President’s message

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It is important for business that a large block of work related to infrastructure is underway in the country – this creates new opportunities for enterprises, reduces costs and, as a whole, changes the country for the better. This opinion was expressed in an interview with Izvestia by the chairman of Delovaya Rossiya Alexei Repik, commenting on the President’s message to the Federal Assembly, announced on Wednesday, April 21.

According to the expert, a positive reaction was also caused by the government’s intention to “tune the motivation of entrepreneurs to reinvest profits and create specific incentives for this.”

In addition, Repik believes that at the end of 2021, a decision may be made in Russia to increase taxes on the distributed profits of companies while reducing the fiscal burden on investments.

The chairman of Delovaya Rossiya stressed that the latter can be realized, for example, with the help of additional deductions. At the same time, the existing mechanism of investment tax deduction has not yet been scaled to the proper extent. It does not work in all regions and provides for an insufficient amount of compensation, the expert summed up.

Speaking with a message to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the authorities would study the issue of introducing new amendments to tax legislation. According to him, this year the profit of the corporate sector “promises to be record” and the government will monitor how the business spends this money.

“Taking this into account, at the end of the year, we will make decisions on possible adjustments to tax legislation. Someone pays dividends, and someone invests in the development of their enterprises and entire industries. We will encourage those who invest, ”Putin said.

The President added that he expects “concrete proposals” from the government.

The Russian leader also offered to provide the subjects with infrastructure budget loans at a rate of no more than 3% for 15 years. Until 2023, it is planned to issue loans in the amount of at least 500 billion rubles.