The ex-head of the village was shot dead in the police department in Makhachkala

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The former head of the Dagestan village of Novokuli was shot dead in the office of the head of the criminal investigation department of the Soviet District Department of Internal Affairs in Makhachkala, REN TV reported on Saturday, February 6.

It is noted that a scuffle took place in the office of the law enforcement officer due to a conflict related to the work activities of the ex-official Novokuli.

OMON officers were sent to the scene, the TV channel writes. The reasons for the shooting are being investigated, as well as the identity of the shooter.

According to Interfax, riot policemen may be involved in the shooting, and the land dispute became the reason for the conflict of officials.

According to a TASS source, an employee of one of the security agencies was detained on suspicion of murder. He did not try to hide

Earlier that day in Makhachkala, a man killed two girls and attacked a police officer during his arrest.

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