The end in the Smolensk region became the site of a fire in a residential building

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During the day, firefighters in the Smolensk region extinguished private houses twice. The settlement of the End in the Kardymovsky district became the site of the first fire. At three o’clock in the afternoon, the villagers saw smoke coming from under the roof of a neighboring house. They promptly called the fire brigade and informed the owners, who were not yet aware of what had happened. Firefighters of PSCh # 31 arrived in the village. But despite the fact that they did not hesitate to go to the call, by the time they arrived, the flames had already quickly spread over the wooden floors of the house. The fire was extinguished, but as a result of the incident, the house with an extension was destroyed by fire.

The second fire in a private residential building happened on Sunday evening in the city of Safonovo. At 19:39, a house on Volodarsky Street caught fire. Two adults grabbed children 2, 8 and 13 years old and ran out into the street. The neighbors came running to help. Firefighters of the 14th PSCh arrived promptly. The house was completely engulfed in fire, which had already spread to the extension. The Avangard private fire brigade arrived to assist in the extinguishing. The fire was extinguished. The outbuilding was destroyed by fire, the house was burnt out from the inside.

Experts consider the electrical engineering version to be a preliminary version of the fires in the village of Konets and Safonovo.