The economist spoke about the way to make money on the growth of the dollar

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A good moment to buy a dollar has already passed, so everyone who wants to earn money should wait at least until the end of the week, observing the changes in the exchange rate. Economist Vyacheslav Zaichenko spoke about this on March 24.

“So far the market has shown that the dollar has no strength to gain a foothold above 77 rubles. And today we saw that there was a touch of this level, and now the market is declining. If it consolidates for two or three days, then we can say that it will grow further. If not, then no. It is necessary to wait for Friday, if the dollar is not higher than 77 rubles, then there is no need to do anything. If it is higher, then it makes sense to buy some dollars in order to sell them for 80 rubles, “- the expert quotes the Fifth Channel.

On the same day, the Central Bank reported that the net demand of Russians for cash foreign currency in January fell by 69% compared to December 2020 and amounted to $ 0.7 billion.The net demand for dollars decreased by 74%, for euros – by 49% …

The total volume of cash currency, which the population acquired in banks, in January decreased compared to December by 57% and amounted to $ 1 billion. Dollars were bought by 59% less than a month earlier, and euros – by 47% less.

Earlier, on March 23, at the entrance of the trading session, the Russian national currency fell and broke through the level of 76 rubles per dollar and 90 rubles per euro for the first time since the beginning and end of February this year, respectively.

In many ways, the pressure on the markets is exerted by the expectation of the next sanctions from the United States, said Yaroslav Kabakov, director of strategy at Finam.

The expert added that the risks are also hidden in the growing tension in the negotiations between the United States and China, which may become a harbinger of another trade wars.