The doctor warned which medications are dangerous to take on your own

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Some people choose to self-medicate instead of seeking medical help. They decide for themselves which medications they need to take. General practitioner Mohamed Ali Vuada told how such therapy can turn out for health.

According to the doctor, it happens that people manage to heal on their own, but this happens in spite of everything. Basically, people make mistakes in the choice of medicines. And at best, taking drugs will be meaningless, at worst, it will harm the body.

The specialist warns that in no case should antibiotics be taken on the recommendation of friends or the Internet. This is due to the fact that these funds may be allergic or other contraindications.

“Moreover, the microbes in our body acquire a certain resistance (resistance) if we use antibacterial agents uncontrollably. This approach is very dangerous, because multidrug resistance can arise, and there will be simply nothing to treat the patient in the future, ” – the doctor warns.

In addition, you can not take pills for hypertension without a doctor’s prescription. These drugs will only drown out the symptoms, which will exacerbate the problem, and the patient will be left without treatment, writes MK in Volgograd with reference to the Prime agency.