The doctor warned about the dangers of the popular way to lose weight by the summer

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One of the most popular ways to lose weight by the summer – mono-diet – is dangerous. Margarita Makukha, nutritionist of the SberZdorovye service, spoke about this.

A mono-diet means eating a certain type of food for some time – for example, vegetables, kefir and eggs.

“This leads to such problems as a deficiency of both macro and micronutrients – nutrients necessary for the body,” – quotes on April 19 the words of Makukha “”.

Mino diets contribute to unhealthy eating habits, she said. For example, they can be expressed in constant attempts to go on a diet and severely restrict the diet, followed by breakdowns and overeating.

The doctor also noted that it is psychologically difficult to limit oneself in the choice of products and dishes, especially in a company or at a party.

Makuha explained that mono diets increase stress levels. In addition, due to a large calorie deficit, loss of bone and muscle mass, disruption of hormone synthesis can occur.

The nutritionist added that when returning to the usual diet, there is a possibility that a person will gain even more fat mass than before the diet. As the doctor said, this negatively affects health – it increases the risks of cardiovascular diseases, endocrine pathologies and even malignant neoplasms.

For weight loss, Makukha advised to choose a balanced diet with a slight calorie deficit and regular physical activity.

The chief nutritionist of the Moscow Department of Health, Antonina Starodubova, said on April 1 that unbalanced diets reduce immunity. She noted that extreme weight loss should be avoided and severe dietary restrictions should be abandoned. With overweight, slow weight loss is beneficial for health, the specialist said.