The doctor warned about the danger of redness of the eyes

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Ophthalmologist, MD Dmitry Maychuk on Friday, April 23, said that redness of the eyes can be a symptom of an adenovirus or bacterial infection. In addition, this symptom may indicate dry eye syndrome.

The doctor advised that in case of redness of the eyes, contact specialists, even those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

“Even if everything is banal, and the patient knows that he regularly develops allergies at this time, he still has to go to the ophthalmologist, exclude all other components, such as bacterial, adenovirus, and so on,” Maychuk said on the air of the Rossiya TV channel. one”.

At the same time, Maychuk admitted that redness of the eyes can be caused by improper use of eye drops or mistakes when wearing contact lenses.

At the end of March, the ophthalmologist Inna Shvaylikova told on what signs can be used to diagnose glaucoma. She emphasized that most often this disease occurs in patients over 40 years old. Among the signs that indicate it, increased intraocular pressure, impaired visual fields and a change in the optic nerve head.

Also, according to her, the appearance of glaucoma can be recognized by a violation of twilight vision, when a person sees worse during sunrise and sunset.