The doctor told why it is dangerous to sleep next to a smartphone

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As reported by “Prime” agency, doctor-somnologist Maxim Novikov in an interview with reporters explained how dangerous sleep in the immediate vicinity of a smartphone can be.

It is important that by accidentally waking up at night, you should not be tempted to pick up the phone and eventually “disturb” your nervous system. Moreover, the specialist emphasized that it is desirable for a person to give up interacting with gadgets at least an hour before bedtime.

“You should not take gadgets with you to bed … And watching TV, and even sight-reading – everything should be out of bed. The bed should only be used for sleeping … Even if you woke up at night, you should not take your phone, look at watch … It excites the nervous system. And the bright light from the screen destroys melatonin, “the specialist is sure.