The doctor spoke about ways to protect against seasonal allergies

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Allergist-immunologist Aleksey Bessmertny told how to behave in case of seasonal allergies. In Russia, the peak of the exacerbation of the disease is now. Alder blooms and birch blooms. Plus, it’s hot and dry in the Central Region. And this contributes to more dusting of plants.

The doctor explained that hay fever is usually manifested by itching and redness of the eyes, conjunctivitis, and a runny nose. With these symptoms, you have to go to the clinic. If it is far from medical institutions, then when a runny nose and lacrimation appear, it is worth taking a pill of a second generation antihistamine drug. And then you should immediately see a doctor.

In addition, Bessmertny recommends cleaning the floors in the apartment more often, dusting regularly. Close all the cracks. Try not to go outside or near trees.