The doctor spoke about ways to prevent kidney disease

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In order to avoid the development of kidney disease, you need to monitor your weight and not abuse medications, said in an interview with the chief freelance specialist-nephrologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, head of the Department of Nephrology and Moscow State Medical University. THEM. Sechenov Evgeny Shilov.

The doctor explained that kidney pathologies arise not due to infectious lesions of the genitourinary system, but due to the so-called diseases of civilization: diabetes, urolithiasis, arterial hypertension.

In this regard, to prevent kidney disease, blood pressure and blood sugar levels should be monitored regularly, Shilov said. According to the specialist, weight control is also important, as well as giving up bad habits – smoking and alcohol.

The nephrologist recommended switching to proper nutrition and maintaining physical activity to keep the kidneys healthy.

In March, nephrologist Tatiana Pankratenko said that excess salt, phosphates and protein can disrupt kidney function. According to the specialist, it is enough for a person to consume up to 2 grams of salt per day, while the harmless norm is 6 grams. If this rate is exceeded, then in adults the pressure rises and the kidneys suffer.