The doctor spoke about the side effects of working online

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Long online communication, including video conferencing, can lead to headaches, irritability and neuroses. Neuropsychologist Irina Khvingiya spoke about this on Wednesday, April 28.

The specialist believes that long virtual workshops, which often take place in this mode, can negatively affect health and cause discomfort.

“If you and I watch a video conference via Zoom or Skype, then there is an overload of the visual analyzer from both sides. When the visual analyzer is overloaded, a person becomes more irritable, his performance decreases, it is more difficult to switch from task to task, he gets tired faster from completing each task, in the morning he wakes up tired, no matter how many hours he sleeps, ”Khvingiya said in an interview with Sputnik radio.

She clarified that this is the first sign of neurosis. In this regard, the specialist recommended to reduce the load on the eyes during frequent and long videoconferences – if possible. For example, turn off the video, but keep the sound.

If there is no way to avoid conferences in large numbers, it is necessary to minimize communication in social networks after that. Also, the doctor advised to be more outdoors.

On April 7, it was reported that about a quarter of Russians expressed a desire to keep the remote work format, which they switched to as a result of the pandemic. The head of Rostrud, Mikhail Ivankov, noted that another 49% of residents preferred forms of hybrid employment, when a person works in an office or remotely.