The doctor spoke about the rules for choosing a place for a picnic and choosing clothes

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A picnic spot should be chosen in places that are not heavily ventilated, without power lines and with the ability to hide in the event of a thunderstorm, and clothes should be taken for all weather events.

This was reported on Sunday, May 2, by RIA Novosti with reference to the deputy chief physician for the medical department of the A.S. Puchkov Moscow Department of Health Peter Davydov.

“May holidays are a time with rather unstable weather, that is, it can be windy, sunny, cloudy, rainy in a short period of time. You need to take your clothes with you for all occasions of this weather, not be limited to one set of clothes, because it can be hot, and the next minute – it will be cold rain or hail, ”he explained.

It is recommended to sit in places that are not heavily blown, since direct wind will not bring health benefits. In unstable weather, heat will quickly go away due to air movement.

“Humid air, especially when it is windy, promotes heat exchange between humans and the environment, and leads to cooling, therefore it is also undesirable to stay near a reservoir for too long or in its direct vicinity, provided that the temperature regime is unstable. It is better if the picnic area is near the water, and already eating or more organized events are on the sidelines, in a shelter, a gazebo or a special house, ”said Davydov.

According to the specialist, one should not be located under power lines, because when playing with a ball, fishing, launching flying devices and other types of activity, these lines can be accidentally hit.

“Thunderstorms start in May, and during a thunderstorm there are certain rules that should be observed: do not sit near tall metal objects, do not sit under wet objects, for example, trees and buildings that are not equipped with lightning conductors. And you need to be located in shelters equipped with a system of lightning rods, “Davydov summed up.

The day before, it was reported that unstable weather is expected in Moscow and the Moscow region for the next five days. Rains are predicted with a change to cloudless weather, as well as sharp temperature drops from +19 to +9 and below.

On May 1, forecasters also announced a “yellow” level of weather hazard on May 2 in Moscow due to wind and rain.