The doctor spoke about the excess salt level in the diet of Russians

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Nutritionist Andrey Bobrovsky said that many Russians violate the established norm of salt intake.

According to the specialist, WHO recommends that adults consume no more than 5 g of salt per day. Nevertheless, in Europe and the United States, the average resident consumes about 10 g of salt per day, and in Russia – 12 g.

Bobrovsky noted that most of the salt in the body of Russians comes from semi-finished products, where salt is added as a preservative and taste improver. The nutritionist also warned that frequent excess of the daily intake of salt increases the risk of developing cardiovascular and other diseases.

“Unfortunately, high salt content makes itself felt primarily through cardiovascular diseases like hypertension. In this case, it is possible and necessary to reduce salt consumption, but it is better to start doing this in advance, when there are no problems yet, ”Sputnik quotes Bobrovsky radio on Thursday, March 4.

To reduce your salt intake, you should carefully study the amount of salt in your food. If this information is not available, then it can be found in specialized publications and, for example, on the Rospotrebnadzor website.

Earlier, on March 2, experts advised cutting down on salt to reduce the risk of stroke.