The doctor spoke about products that are dangerous with high hemoglobin

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It is necessary to drink less liquid that does not thicken the blood, and also to refuse to consume large quantities of meat if a person has high hemoglobin levels. This was announced on Thursday, April 22, by nutritionist Anna Belousova.

“We start drinking more fluids that do not thicken the blood. First of all, we remove tea, especially green tea. We turn to chamomile tea, compotes. If a person loves meat very much and eats it a lot, more than necessary, for example, the steak is larger than his palm, then we cut it in half. Let’s go to fish. Slow down with a grenade and watch for two to three months and see what will happen in the analysis. We are slightly reducing the use of buckwheat, ”the Zvezda TV channel quotes the specialist.

Belousova added that high hemoglobin, if combined with high iron, can lead to thrombosis. It should be brought at least to the lower-high, but better to the middle limits of the norm, the nutritionist noted.

In addition, Belousova recommended eating more fresh garlic or adding it to dishes. Any blood thinning drugs can only be taken as directed by a doctor, the specialist warned.

Earlier that day, nutritionist, gastroenterologist Nuria Dianova said that low-fat foods can be hazardous to health. According to the specialist, many people mistakenly believe that low-fat foods are “lighter”, because they can be eaten in large quantities, such “lulling of alertness” can be fraught with severe overeating. Dianova advised choosing initially natural ingredients for medium-fat meals with minimal industrial processing, because long-term use of food with additives can be harmful to health.