The doctor reveals which methods of cooking lead to the development of cancer

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Oncologist Mikhail Myasnyankin told about what methods of processing food products provoke the development of oncological diseases.

According to the specialist, the threat of the formation of cancerous tumors does not depend on specific food products, but on how they will be prepared.

So, when frying meat in sunflower oil, carcinogenic substances are formed. The constant use of food in which carcinogens are present stimulates the development of malignant formations in the digestive system, the doctor said.

To prevent cancer, you need to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages in large quantities. The amount of carcinogens in alcoholic beverages exceeds the maximum allowable value.

“It is imperative to use in food products that will contain anticarcinogenic substances,” Myasnyankin emphasized.

We are talking about vegetables, herbs, salads and fruits. They contain anticarcinogenic substances, so dishes need to be prepared from these products, writes MK in Volgograd with reference to Channel Five.

Foods that consist of fat, sugar and high-calorie can contribute to the development of pathologies that prevent the body from fighting cancer, the oncologist concluded.