The doctor named the maximum age for weight loss

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Gerontologist Yuri Konets said that diets and other ways to lose weight have an age limit, after which they can lead to health problems.

According to the specialist, techniques that help in the fight against excess weight affect the metabolism in the body, and that is why it is contraindicated for elderly people to lose weight.

“Each time you have to look individually, but if you take the average age, then before 60 years you must definitely try to lose weight,” Sputnik radio quotes him on Saturday, March 20.

It is important to have time to lose weight just before 60 years in order to approach old age with a normal stomach, otherwise the body will require more food than it needs.

“Energy needs decrease with age, and our biological memory, that is, a distended stomach, keeps telling us that we want to eat. There is a dissonance here, because the stomach signals to us that we are hungry, and the amount of food eaten should be reduced with age, ”he concluded.

On March 2, Australian scientists reported that intermittent fasting was ineffective against belly fat.