The doctor named the main mistake when providing assistance in nature

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The main mistake when trying to help a person injured in nature is ignorance of the rules for first aid, said Pyotr Davydov, deputy chief physician for the medical department of the Puchkov Ambulance Station.

“The biggest mistake is the lack of first aid attempts. Unfortunately, not every person has the skills to provide first aid, “- quotes the expert” RIA Novosti “on May 1.

Davydov explained that people often do not provide first aid due to fear for their personal responsibility and complete ignorance of the first aid algorithm.

At the same time, the doctor recommended that you always take a first-aid kit with you to nature.

“A standard first aid kit has a specific list of recommended dressings, antiseptics, medical products, and so on,” the specialist noted.

According to Davydov, an ambulance should be called for injuries and conditions that are accompanied by unstoppable heavy bleeding. Violation of consciousness or breathing is the basis for calling the medical team in an emergency form.

On April 29, Davydov listed common health problems at the picnic. For example, vacationers often get cuts from broken glass, burns while cooking kebabs, as well as heat trauma.