The doctor named a way to get rid of a hangover

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Doctor-narcologist Aleksey Kazantsev told how to quickly restore the body after drinking earlier alcohol.

According to him, first of all, it is necessary to take a contrast shower, changing the temperature of the water from hot to cold every five seconds. After that, it is necessary to restore the body’s water and electrolyte balance.

“It is imperative to take a mineral water in order to bring the pH of the blood towards alkalization,” the doctor told Channel Five.

Kazantsev added that in case of a hangover, it is important to “have the right breakfast”, for example, with an undried omelet.

Medicines and vitamins containing magnesium and potassium should be taken throughout the day, he noted.

To improve overall health, it is necessary to take a walk in the fresh air, while refraining from strong physical exertion, the specialist concluded.

In June, therapist Olga Kashubina told when you shouldn’t drink aspirin for a hangover. According to her, it is not recommended to mix aspirin with coffee in the morning after heavy alcohol consumption, as it is unhealthy.

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