The doctor listed the risks of alcohol abuse on the May holidays

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If people have nothing to do during the May holidays, there is a danger that they will start to abuse alcohol. Drinking a lot of alcohol in a short time is fraught with serious consequences for the body. This was stated on May 3 in an interview with radio Sputnik, narcologist, professor, doctor of medical sciences Igor Nikiforov.

“Acute alcoholic hepatitis is an inflammatory process in the liver when a person drank. The liver cannot cope with such an influx of alcohol, as a result, the inflammatory process begins. It can be quite spicy as the temperature rises. Acute hepatitis can lead to the most sad consequences, including death, ”Nikiforov said.

According to him, he has a large amount of alcohol, as a rule, the pancreas suffers, as a result, you can earn acute pancreatitis.

So that the use of alcoholic beverages does not turn into a binge, it is better to refrain from long feasts with abundant libations, and at the table not to exceed the individual norm of alcohol consumption, the narcologist noted.

“A person who does not suffer from alcoholism can determine the norm of alcohol: when he feels that he has entered a state of alcoholic intoxication, he stops. If a person gets drunk from one glass of wine, but uses two or three because of the holidays, this is already abnormal, “Nikiforov emphasized.

If, nevertheless, a person went through with alcohol, then he needs detoxification. First of all, according to the narcologist, you need to flush your stomach: drink a liter of water with a small addition of potassium permanganate, induce vomiting – this should be done two or three times to completely remove alcohol from the stomach. Further, during the day, you need to drink at least three liters of liquid. Fermented milk products, such as kefir, can be used as food.

On the eve of the May holidays, “Reedus” named products that will help ease a hangover. So, dairy products can reduce the harmful effects of alcohol. Therefore, they are recommended to be eaten before a party with a lot of alcohol. Fatty fish can be eaten both before and after drinking to ease morning hangovers.