The doctor listed the diseases that cause bad breath

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The therapist told me what diseases lead to bad breath.

Up to 70 percent of people face this problem. And she has many reasons. Starting from dry mouth associated with long speaking. Teachers, lecturers and orators know this firsthand. The longer you talk, the less saliva is produced. Accordingly, foreign particles are less well washed out of the oral cavity. Food particles remaining in the teeth begin to rot and smell.

Another reason for halitosis, says therapist Arina Zhegalina, is in diseases of the digestive system. And not only the stomach, but also the intestines and liver. Yet almost 90% of cases are associated with dental diseases. With caries, periodontal disease, bleeding in the mouth, the microflora in the oral cavity is disturbed, and this gives rise to an unpleasant odor.

Finally, food can smell. The smell is especially noticeable from people in whose diet there are a lot of onions and garlic, cabbage, curry. The hobby for coffee and cigarettes influences the development of halitosis, the doctor said in an interview with

In any case, identifying the problem is not that difficult.

“First of all, you need to pay attention to oral hygiene, contact a dentist to rule out his problems, and, if necessary, contact an ENT doctor, therapist or gastroenterologist.”, – recommends Zhegalina.

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