The doctor explains the link between laser hair removal and the development of skin cancer

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Dermatologist Ekaterina Mokina, in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel on Thursday, February 11, told how laser hair removal can affect the development of skin cancer.

As the specialist said, those people who want to use the laser hair removal procedure should carefully examine the age spots on the skin, and also avoid laser exposure to moles.

“Laser hair removal is a method of acting directly on the skin in the form of radiation. If we take into account the fact that there are only certified and registered lasers, that the doctor is trained and has sufficient experience in carrying out the procedure, then there will be no bad effects on the skin, ”the dermatologist explained.

Mokina noted that cosmetologists and dermatologists are told about all contraindications for the procedure during the training process. So, we can talk, in particular, about skin diseases in the acute stage, when epilation cannot be performed. The doctor emphasized that if all modes on the device are correctly set, then there will be no negative effect on the skin.

In May 2020, the chief oncologist of the Ministry of Health, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrey Kaprin named the first signs of skin cancer. According to him, a malignant formation on the skin – melanoma – can develop on the human body even in the absence of moles.

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