The doctor called the danger of refusing meat

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A complete refusal to eat meat can lead to premature aging of the skin. This on Wednesday, April 14, said nutritionist, therapist Anna Belousova in an interview with the TV channel “Zvezda”.

The specialist noted that meat products contain collagen and B vitamins, which are necessary to maintain youthful skin.

“If we give up meat, the skin will age faster. In this case, it will be possible to “smear” with any creams – and nothing will help. In addition, not only vegetable, but also animal fats are important for the body, ”Belousova said.

The nutritionist clarified that collagen is found in large quantities in lamb and beef, slightly less in poultry, pork and fish. This protein is also found in small amounts in dairy products and eggs.

In addition, Belousova pointed out the content of B vitamins in meat, which regulate many metabolic processes in the body.

“So, vitamin B12 must be present in the body to maintain a healthy level of red blood cells and erythrocytes, as they supply all our internal organs with oxygen, and it cannot be obtained from anywhere except from animal products or in a pharmacy“ for money, ”she explained. nutritionist.

According to the expert, the transition to a vegetarian diet without harm to health is possible in countries with an abundance of fruits like India, and it will be more difficult for residents of megalopolises to refuse meat.

Earlier, in January, endocrinologist Tatyana Filippova named recommendations on how to organize meals that are dangerous to health. In particular, the specialist drew attention to the diet by blood group and separate nutrition.