The development of glasses-emulators for people with one sighted eye is underway in the Russian Federation

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JSC “Scientific and Production Corporation” “Systems of Instrument-Making Corporation” is developing special digital glasses for emulating binocular vision in order to rehabilitate people with one sighted eye. This was reported on Wednesday, May 5, in the draft plan for the implementation of the enterprise diversification program until 2025.

As specified, among the projects at the development stage there are digital glasses designed for people with one seeing eye. This device has no analogues in the world.

“The invention relates to a medical and technical device for the rehabilitation of people with one seeing eye and can be used to emulate full-fledged binocular vision, as well as to create emulation of binocular vision for persons whose one eye is temporarily incapacitated,” reads the text of the document available TASS.

It is specified that the capabilities of the device make it possible to transmit a complete picture of binocular vision. It is planned to use the scientific and technical groundwork, competencies and technologies acquired as a result of previous developments.

According to preliminary data, the Russian Ministry of Health has expressed interest in including the Digital Glasses project in the National Health program.

Earlier, on April 19, it became known about the appearance on the territory of Russia of lower leg prostheses and devices for the ankle and knee joints with microprocessor control, which will be issued to disabled people. Telephone devices for the hearing impaired have also been transformed: new elements have appeared in them in the form of a mandatory function of video communication and navigation.