The deputy asked the traffic police to comment on the situation with violations of Edward Beale

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State Duma Deputy Yaroslav Nilov appealed to the head of the traffic police of Russia Mikhail Chernikov with a request to clarify the disproportion between the number of traffic violations recorded by the car of blogger Edward Beale and the number of administrative violations by the driver himself.

The fact is that at the time of the resonant accident on Novinsky Boulevard, the blogger was driving an Audi RS6 car. This car has more than 400 speed violations in 2021 alone, and a total of 566.

At the same time, the Moscow Department of Transport reported that Beal had been driving a car with fake license plates since January, writes It is noted that after buying a car, the blogger did not register it.

In turn, on April 8, the head of the public order protection department of the capital’s Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Alexei Diokin, said that Beal was brought to administrative responsibility in the field of road traffic in 2020-2021 – only 15 times.

As the lawyer Oleg Tsukanov explained to Izvestia, such a small number is explained by the fact that the blogger, apparently, was involved only in cases when the traffic police officers personally stopped the car on the road for violating traffic rules.

Moreover, now it will be almost impossible to prove that 566 traffic violations on the Audi RS6 were committed by Beal, the lawyer believes.

“He can easily say that he was not driving and it will be impossible to identify him. The blogger can come up with different versions. For example, to say that the car was stolen by hooligans, because he used to leave the keys in the ignition, ”concluded Tsukanov.

The accident involving Edward Beale occurred on the Garden Ring on April 1. A blue Audi, in which, according to the investigation, the blogger was, drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into four cars. The driver of one of the cars was seriously injured, the woman was hospitalized. According to her lawyer, the victim recovered from a coma, she will undergo three more operations.

On April 3, by the decision of the Tverskoy District Court, Bilu was elected a preventive measure in the form of a ban on certain actions for a period until June 1. The victim’s family does not agree with the verdict handed down to Bil.

On April 7, the blogger was charged with traffic violations. Beal, in turn, said that he did not make attempts to escape from the scene or avoid criminal liability.