The Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation will be celebrated in the Far East with flash mobs

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On the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation, residents of the Far East take part in various flash mobs and promotions.

Residents of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky were the first to celebrate the holiday in Russia. On the square. Lenin’s speech was made by servicemen and creative teams of the Kamchatka Territory, as well as students of creative specialties. Poems about the flag of the country sounded on the square, and then young people released balloons in the color of the tricolor into the sky.

In Blagoveshchensk, a tricolor with an area of ​​50 square meters will appear on the asphalt. m. Citizens will begin to decorate the image of the flag on the embankment at 15:00 (9:00 Moscow time), located a hundred meters from the Russian-Chinese border, he said. about. head of the Amur regional branch of the “Young Guard” Maxim Ivanov

“We have been drawing the tricolor on the asphalt for several years. Time has shown that the action is interesting to residents of the city. Both children and adults take part in it. We drew a sketch, and they will color it, ”TASS quotes him.

At the same time, those who wish will be able to test their knowledge of heraldry: while some of the residents will paint the tricolor, others will be able to take a survey. Later, the data will be analyzed by the youth parliament of the region, and then an infographic will be drawn up.

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk there is an art festival “Facets of Art” dedicated to the Flag Day. Creative teams of the city perform at the site, an exhibition of arts and crafts products and paintings is taking place. There is also a site with workshops in fine arts and face painting.

The race with Russian flags on jet skis takes place in Vladivostok. Thus, members of the AquaBro club ride aquabikes in the city center on the water area of ​​the CSKA water sports center, and a race of townspeople in tricolor T-shirts was held nearby.

Earlier it was reported that law enforcement officers held a rally in honor of the holiday and hoisted the Russian tricolor in beautiful places in a number of regions.

Russian Flag Day was officially established in 1994 and is celebrated annually on 22 August.

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