The day before Easter: 4 things to do on Holy Saturday

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Orthodox believers spend the day before Easter in a special way. From the material “MK in Volgograd” you will learn what prohibitions exist on Great Saturday, May 1, as well as what 4 things each believer must do on this day.

First of all, on Holy Saturday, you need to ask for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart, as well as forgive all offenses. In addition, it is necessary to give alms and help people in need on Saturday.

It is also important to read prayers on May 1, which on Holy Saturday have special power and will certainly be heard by God. The best way to end the day is to prepare for Easter. As a rule, on this day they begin to paint eggs, bake cakes.

The consumption of thermally cooked food, as well as the intake of alcoholic beverages, is under a great prohibition on Holy Saturday. In addition, on May 1, you cannot engage in physical labor, needlework. Also, before Easter, you cannot sing, dance and have fun, as well as do household chores.

It is believed that if you do not sleep on the night of Great Saturday to Bright Sunday, you can find happiness that will last all year. It will walk among people tonight, so you need to try not to oversleep it.

An uncomplicated way at this time can prolong youth and improve health. To do this, you need to wash yourself with water, into which a consecrated egg was previously thrown.

Today, on May 1, Viktor, Vasily, Anton, Ivan, Efim, Kuzma, Yan, Felix, Tamara are celebrating their birthday.