The cost of Easter cakes in Saratov stores reaches 600 rubles per kg

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Five days before the Christian holiday, Easter cakes appeared on sale in Saratov stores. But the cost of baked goods has grown significantly in comparison with the previous year.

In chain stores, the price of cakes is 45-60 rubles per 100 grams of muffin, in bakeries, depending on the composition of the product (curd, yoghurt, etc.) – from 60 rubles per 100 g, or 600 rubles per kilogram. Last year, Easter cake could be bought for 40-50 rubles per 100 g.

However, as Rosstat found out, in 2021 the production of Easter cakes will cost Russians from 283 to 570 rubles. The average cost of a festive baking this year increased by 12.1% and amounted to 358 rubles.

As explained in the department, this is due to the rise in prices for eggs and sugar.