The cosmonaut told how, being in space, he learned about the collapse of the USSR

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Russian pilot-cosmonaut, hero of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation Sergey Krikalev told how he learned the news about the collapse of the USSR in space.

As Krikalev noted in an interview with REN TV, he went to the Mir station under the Soviet Union, and returned to Russia in March 1992. He learned the news about the collapse of the USSR in space during conversations with radio amateurs and specialists. According to him, they told the astronauts about their impressions of what was happening.

“We had one more additional communication channel, we had the opportunity to communicate with radio amateurs. We could receive messages and talk over voice communication. But even on Earth you cannot reread all the newspapers, ”said Krikalev.

According to the astronaut, despite the changes, they continued to fulfill their duty. He noted that there were no restrictions on receiving information at the Mir station.