The construction of the infectious disease building is being completed in Pskov

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The construction readiness of the infectious diseases building in Pskov is 100%, in Velikiye Luki – 87%. This was announced by the first deputy governor of the region Vera Emelyanova. Acceptance commissions work at the facilities, representatives of contractors eliminate the identified deficiencies.

According to the Pskov News feed, Governor Mikhail Vedernikov noted that the quality of work is at a high level. Rospotrebnadzor joined the preliminary safety check of buildings to speed up the procedure for putting them into operation.

In the near future, the equipment in hospitals will be commissioned, and training for medical workers will also begin. “Doctors and nurses have been selected, they will be employed after all legal issues have been resolved,” Vera Emelyanova emphasized.

Earlier, on the outskirts of Chelyabinsk, in the village of Malaya Sosnovka, the construction of an infectious diseases hospital was started. The site was inspected by the presidential envoy to the Ural Federal District Nikolai Tsukanov and the head of the region Alexei Teksler. The facility, worth 2.5 billion rubles, is scheduled to open in November 2020. “As for the timing: the technologies have been worked out, there is no doubt that it will be built,” Nikolai Tsukanov noted.

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