The coach of the Norwegian national team called Bolshunov an inspiration for his team

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Eirik Nossum, the coach of the Norwegian cross-country skiing team, called Russian Alexander Bolshunov an inspiration for his team, as the athlete taught them a lesson. Nossum made such a statement on Saturday, March 13, after Bolshunov’s victory in the mass start at the World Cup in Switzerland.

According to him, the Russian is extremely good at doublepoling and has absolutely extreme qualities.

“Bolshunov is extremely good at keeping top speed for a long time. He exhausts us and his rivals with double-polling. He is as strong as a bear, ”he told NRK.

In addition, Nossum added that a photograph of a Russian as an example to follow will hang from Norwegian skiers before the Olympic Games, writes the edition “Sport-Express”.

Earlier on Saturday, Bolshunov became the first in the 15 km race in the classic style at the World Cup in the Engadine. The Russian athlete came to the finish line with a time of 34 minutes 7.1 seconds.

The second place was taken by the Norwegian Johannes Klebo (+18.4 seconds), the third came another representative of Norway – Paul Golberg (+18.9).

On March 7, in the men’s marathon from the general start at a distance of 50 km in the classical style, Bolshunov broke a stick due to a fight with Klebo. Because of this, the Russian skier came third to the final, and the Norwegian first.

After the incident, the Norwegian was disqualified. As a result, Bolshunov received silver.