The chief pediatrician of Moscow spoke about the dangerous parts of toys

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The chief pediatrician of Moscow named parts of toys that are especially dangerous for children.

According to the chief freelance pediatrician, head physician of the Moscow Children’s City Clinical Hospital named after Z.A. Bashlyaeva DZM Ismail Osmanov, to the hospital almost every day, and more often at night, they bring children who have swallowed something. These can be parts of toys or household items: cogs, coins, pen caps, jewelry, even construction foam.

Gel beads are especially dangerous. In the body, they swell greatly and can cause intestinal obstruction. At the same time, it is impossible to see such balls on X-ray or ultrasound.

There are also magnetic balls – parts of some toys. Distributing through the intestines, they are still attracted to each other, which is fraught with intestinal perforation with the development of inflammation, peritonitis, Osmanov said.

The pediatrician advises parents not to give children small items that are not toys: keys, magnetic fitness bracelets. It is easy to swallow them, and they can seriously injure the esophagus or gastrointestinal tract, the doctor quotes RIA Novosti.

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