The Chekhov Moscow Art Theater will show the premiere of the play “In the trenches of Stalingrad”

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The premiere of the production “In the trenches of Stalingrad” based on the story of the same name by Viktor Nekrasov will be shown on the stage of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater on May 5 and 6. The theater’s artistic director Sergei Zhenovach was the director and author of the play.

On Tuesday 4 May, the final preparations are underway at the theater. The audience was expected to see the production back in 2020, but the premiere was postponed due to the spread of the coronavirus.

According to Zhenovach, wrong assessments have been appearing in the war theme lately, so he decided to take Viktor Nekrasov’s “honest story” written in 1946 as the basis for the performance.

“Now there are so many different conversations around the military theme, wrong assessments, slander. For many, the war is no longer domestic, but only world. It seems to me that this is wrong, ”said the director.

The main role – Lieutenant Yuri Kerzhentsev – will be performed by Artem Bystrov.

On April 30, it was reported that the Institute of Theater Arts named after the People’s Artist of the USSR I.D. Kobzona will hold a charity screening of performances for the Victory Day for veterans on May 8. Also, veterans of war and labor of the city of Moscow will be congratulated by the rector of the institute Dmitry Tomilin, famous teachers, folk and honored artists of Russia.