The case will be brought against the shepherd who burned the forest in the Angara region

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A criminal case will be initiated against the shepherd who provoked a forest fire near the village of Elovka in the Irkutsk region under the article “Careless handling of fire, resulting in damage to the forest fund.” This was announced by the regional minister of forestry Dmitry Petrenev.

He noted that extinguishing the fire was complicated by the uneven terrain. The fire area was 134 hectares.

The interrogators of the Ministry of Emergency Situations managed to establish the cause and circumstances of the natural fire that occurred on April 17. A shepherd was found guilty, who lay down to rest in a field with an unextinguished cigarette, writes IA IrkutskMedia.

In total, 10 fires have been recorded in the Irkutsk Region since the beginning of the fire hazardous season. The fires were eliminated on the first day.

A special fire safety regime is introduced in the southern, central and western regions of the Irkutsk region from May 1 to June 15. In the north of the region, a special regime will operate from May 17 to July 30.

The start of the regime was postponed until May due to the unfavorable weather situation in the region. Snowfalls interfered with the establishment of warm weather.